Sunday, 4 December 2011

What we did - Saturday 3rd December

Good evening.
Father Vlad came down today with mince pies, which were filled with lovely festive cheer (and mincemeat).
At 6pm we held another general meeting (GM), open to all, in which we discussed future plans and the general maintenance of the Principal's beautiful corridor.
After the meeting we had a beauteous home-cooked ratatouille with couscous. We will be having communal meals, which accommodate for all dietary requirements, every night so feel free to join us. 
This evening Graham Smith from Royal Holloway's UCU branch came to speak about the anti-Poll Tax movement from '88 to '92 and gave some advice on peaceful protest.
Kit Leary from Save Our Services in Surrey (SOSIS) talked about the trade union movement in general, and about unions that accept students under their wing. There are unions for every job.
The open mic night was a success, and is still going on now with music from all manner of instruments including trumpets, guitars and pianos.

Come and join us for our next GM tomorrow (more info will be on the facebook page) and for Father Vlad's talk at 8pm. We hope you can join us.

Occupy RHUL

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