Sunday, 4 December 2011

Father Vlad speaks at Occupy RHUL

Tonight at ten o'clock Father Vlad visited our humble abode for the second time today. On his first visit he brought us mince pies which we thank him for. We were saddened to receive the news that he will be leaving Royal Holloway in Easter. He joked that he was being sent into exile for supporting revolutionary students but the real reason for leaving is that he wants a new project and we wish him well.
On this vist he talked to us about his time as a political prisoner and how he came to be here at Royal Holloway. It was an inspiring tale and reminded us all what a ledgend we have supporting the anti-cuts movement.
Father Vlad also discussed a book is called Purge by Nickie Fourreau available from Amazon Kindle about people who want to exterminate homosexuality and three women who stop this happening.

We would like to thank him again for giving up his time so generously to inspire and invigorate the occupiers.

Occupy RHUL

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