Monday, 5 December 2011

Monday 5th December: Update

Monday mornings are hardly ever welcome, but this one was a little different. After a long night preparing the response to Paul Layzell's Statement (see below), we were met with some electricity.

We had refused to meet at this time with management in order to get more student involvement and to formulate well-considered arguments; they came anyway. They disrupted our general meeting (which they would have been welcome to take part in) and argued that we were preventing them from working, despite having full access to their offices. Check for a link soon to be uploaded for Layzell's argument this morning.

We would just like to note that they are still able to access their offices, and that if they require the meeting room then they can book it in advance, just like everyone else at the occupation. They also interrupted us, and refused to engage with us. Generally indicative of their attitude towards us.

Later in the day we were each handed a letter by Paul Layzell declaring that from 7.30pm tonight, we are no longer welcome, making the occupation a trespass. Exciting stuff. Given that our demands have not been met, and management have refused to seriously listen to our counter-arguments, we intend to stay. We will keep you updated! Legal information to follow.

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