Thursday, 1 December 2011

Day 2 - Good Morning!

Hello from OccupyRHUL!

 It is now Day 2 of the Royal Holloway students’ occupation of the Senior Management Corridor. All are in good spirits and are feeling happy (albeit a little bit tired; but it is a student movement) we have had a number of both students and academic staff who have visited the occupation this morning, agreeing with our motives and have agreed to come and speak later in the day. There is food, water and most vitally; coffee. 

            We have acquisitioned the Principal’s Board Room, which is very, very nice. It is now our quiet study area and all students who cannot find a seat in the library are invited to come and apply themselves to reading in here. Currently, members of the occupation are drawing up the educational schedule for the day; along with the plans for entertainment this evening- with promise of spoken word performances and jam sessions. 

            There is also the intention of setting up a stall outside of the Windsor Building in order to garner further support amongst students and staff, and the flyers and leaflets are ready to be distributed.
There is a General Meeting at 1pm, and all are welcome to attend. 

It is safe to assume that today could be a long one for the Senior Management Team.

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