Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Clarification of "£150,000 of student funding withheld...for a room?"

We would like to clarify that Ms Coleman's initial statement was, to paraphrase, "if the meeting does not take place in that meeting room, then it would not take place." We sought clarification by asking whether it could be rescheduled or relocated, to which she replied no. She clarified "If the meeting does not go ahead today then we will not allocate the funds." Ms Coleman has confirmed that these were indeed her words, and it was based on the understanding that without the room the annual fund would not be allocated, and the implicit blackmail, that we allowed this meeting sole use of the room, our silent study space.

Ms Coleman has since attempted to clarify her words to us, at approximately 16:25 and states that she intended to mean that the funds could not be allocated today, not that they would not be allocated this year. The latter is what we understood from her earlier statement, given that we were told that a rescheduling of the meeting would not take place.

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